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Welcome to Home Grown Gardens where we hope you will join us in enjoying being in the garden, growing your own fruit and vegetables, and of course, eating them! Flowers and shrubs in your garden should bring colour, scent, and wildlife all the year round, so long as you can get outside to enjoy it all.

There is no mystery to gardening, or to growing fruit and veg, so start small and do more each year. Being in your garden and growing your own veg and plants should be fun and rewarding, not yet another stress agent. There is no need to have straight lines, and neatly clipped edges, but good soil is fundamental. No chemicals are used by Home Grown Gardens, which means anything from the garden or veg plot can be eaten with confidence. But, being in North Yorkshire and on the edge of town means every pest you can think of, wild and domestic, visits. Growing, eating, sharing, is the ethos of Home Grown Gardens, so it's nice to have you with us.

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Spring 2022

It's still Winter, but when the sun is out it feels like Spring is here. But like the weather, the official date, and the equinox date, for the start of Spring, all vary!
When the sun is out it feels lovely, and like spring. And then minutes later the rain, wind, hail and sleet lash you and it doesn’t.

But look around and you see spring bulbs in flower, buds on trees, and weed seedlings, all of which let you know nature is back in action.

It's never a bad time to decide to make changes to your garden, and it's good to get ideas, and spend lots of time thinking them over.


Grow your own vegetables

You can start sowing seeds, but in small quantities. And put some home made compost on your veg beds (but dig out any perennial weeds first). Check the stakes you are using for peas and broad beans, and sweet peas, as they can go out soon.

Carrots and beetroot, and salad crops like well tilled soil, whereas brassicas like the soil hard and solid to stop them rocking. Peas and beans like a rich, moisture retentive soil. So you don’t have to do a lot of digging!

Starting growing seeds in pots, or trays, and upcycling items from your recycling trash (like salad trays, yoghurt pots, toilet roll cardboard inner tubes) will give your veg a head start before putting them outside.

Young seedlings don’t like cold wet soil, and they don’t survive visits from slugs and snails. Bigger plants cope well.

Grow what you like to eat, and if you have any spare, give them away or freeze them.

Annual flowers can be sown outdoors now, rake over the soil first to remove any old weed seedlings. They look lovely amongst the veg, and bring beneficial insects to your plot.

The saying for Spring 2022 is anonymous: “Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it.” I once heard a garden columnist comment that if you were a gardener and didn’t have a bad back then you weren’t trying hard enough. But a friend who is an Osteopath tells me that your bad back is from an incorrect gardening posture, not from overdoing it!

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Pretty and useful in the garden

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