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Welcome to Home Grown Gardens where we hope you will join us in enjoying being in the garden, growing your own fruit and vegetables, and of course, eating them! Flowers and shrubs in your garden should bring colour, scent, and wildlife all the year round, so long as you can get outside to enjoy it all.

There is no mystery to gardening, or to growing fruit and veg, so start small and do more each year. Being in your garden and growing your own veg and plants should be fun and rewarding, not yet another stress agent. There is no need to have straight lines, and neatly clipped edges, but good soil is fundamental. No chemicals are used by Home Grown Gardens, which means anything from the garden or veg plot can be eaten with confidence. But, being in North Yorkshire and on the edge of town means every pest you can think of, wild and domestic, visits. Growing, eating, sharing, is the ethos of Home Grown Gardens, so it's nice to have you with us.

winter garden

Winter 2020

The three months of the winter can be very dark, but once 21 December is past you know the days will start getting longer. January and February can be cold and wet, and we usually get some snow here in Yorkshire, it just varies for how long it stays.

If you haven’t over-tidied your garden, and have left piles of leaves, and stalks of perennials, then you’ll be helping the beneficial wildlife survive the weather, ready to help you come spring.

On sunny days, leave any cold frames or greenhouses open, so that overwintering plants and seedlings don’t get too warm and then too cold again.

Grow your own vegetables

You can start sowing early veg and some perennials, but keep them in a warm place, with an even temperature if you can.

As the seeds germinate, and the seedlings start to grow, give them even light or they will go tall and straggly and be weak.

Pot them on to let them grow strong roots. But just sow a few seeds at a time, of a wide variety of veg and flowers, so you don’t have to deal with hundreds of plants all at one go!

The saying for Winter to keep you going is from American author Hal Borland (1900-1978) : ‘No winter lasts forever; No spring skips its turn’.

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Pretty and useful in the garden

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